Friday, August 22, 2014

Call for Papers

Call for Papers is now Closed 

New This Year: Team Presentations

Team presentations from companies will be accepted and given additional time to display their integrated approach to evaluating unconventional plays. Each team will consist of no more than three members with varied technical backgrounds (geosciences, petrophysics, engineering, operations etc.) and will be required to highlight their integration, multidisciplinary approach and results.

Technical Program Themes:

Theme 1: Regional Case Studies

  • Integrated Basinal & Formation Histories
  • Resource Play Identification
  • 3-D Seismic for Basinal Sequence Analysis

Theme 2: Characterization of Unconventional Reservoirs

  • Data Integration of Geologic, Petrophysical, Geophysical, and Engineering Results
  • Seismic Attributes for Characterizing Rock Properties and Reservoirs
  • Optimization of Exploration and Development Workflows
  • Drivers for Understanding Reservoir Quality
  • Formation Evaluation
  • Reservoir Types – Shales, Sands, and Carbonates

Theme 3: Application and Integration of Well Data

  • Core Analysis Techniques and Applications
  • Microseismic Techniques
  • New Logging Technologies
  • Compositional Data
  • Pressure Testing
  • Tracers and Temperature Logs
  • Performance Monitors
  • Best Practices for Testing Exploration and Development Opportunities

Theme 4: Understanding Your Petroleum System

  • Geochemistry
  • Depositional Environments – Marine and Lacustrine
  • Source Rock Migration and Hydrocarbon Charge
  • Integration of Geochemistry for Sweet Spot Mapping
  • 3-D Seismic Attributes for Source Rock Properties

Theme 5: Optimizing Recovery From Unconventional Reservoirs

  • Understanding Controls on Reservoir Quality
  • Using Geoscience and Petrophysics Data to Improve Completions
  • Improving Recovery with 3-D and 4-D Seismic
  • Evaluation Stimulations Effectiveness
  • Microseismic Fracture Mapping
  • Best Practices in Targeting and Steering Horizontal Wells
  • Completion Techniques
  • Enhanced Recovery Techniques
  • Geomechanics

Theme 6: Optimizing Capital Efficiency

  • Optimizing Drilling and Completions Costs
  • Using Seismic Data to improve Areal and Lateral Well Placement
  • 3-D Seismic for Drilling and Completion Decisions

Theme 7: Production Performance of Tight Oil & Gas Reservoirs

  • Type Curve Analysis
  • Workflows and Analytical Techniques
  • Flow Mechanics and Fluid Behavior (Oil & Water)
  • PVT
  • Reservoir Modeling
  • Stimulated Rock Volume (SRV) Modeling Using Microseismic and 3-D Seismic

Theme 8: Social Performance (HSSE)

Theme 9: Reserves Forecasting and Estimation

  • Regulatory
  • Spacing
  • Hydrocarbon Maturation Efficiency
  • Reserves Booking Efficiency vs. Establishing Optimum Field Development

Theme 10: Long Term Performance

  • Improving Long Term Performance
  • Field Compression
  • Artificial Lift
  • Liquid Loading
  • Wellbore Stability
  • 4-D Seismic

Theme 11: Emerging Unconventional Plays

  • Evolving Play Concepts
  • Exploration Ideas
  • Roadway to Commercialization
  • Definition of Success

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The integrated learning platform focused exclusively on the intersection point between engineers, geoscientists, land men and all asset team members to produce successful unconventional plays.



What is an ePaper?

It’s an electronic version of a traditional oral presentation in a PowerPoint format available during the conference. They will be conveniently located inside the Exhibit Hall and will be presented LIVE during the conference and in an “on-demand” format.

The choice is yours!  

Either come to a LIVE ePaper presentation OR visit the ‘On-Demand’ monitors to view at your convenience.

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